Bethany Castle


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Floor Plans for Bethany Castle

Please make your selection between the complete floor plans or a set of proofs.

Please Note: There may be minor variations between the images shown on this site and the plans available for purchase.

Complete Floor Plans

The plans you have chosen consist of 5 sets with one set having a color cover sheet of the front or back as shown on the website. Plans are drawn typical in 1/4" scale. Drawings include main, loft, and basement floor plans, 4 elevations, main floor and loft floor framing plans, foundation plan, roof framing plan, and sections. We do make modifications, if needed, usually without extra cost to you. The plan money goes directly toward the cost of the log package amount when you are ready to purchase.

$5,620 — Floor Plans for Bethany Castle

Proof Set

Our proof set includes color cover sheet, four elevations, main, loft and basement floor plans at 1/4" scale. The proof set money goes directly toward the cost of the plans when you are ready to purchase.

$200 — Proof Set for Bethany Castle

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