Custom Design

Design Team

Our in-house design team is able to help you realize your dreams by incorporating a wealth of knowledge into each and every project. Plus, we have the experience of constructing hundreds of log homes from concept to completion.

We have several insights to bring about artistically unique and individualized plans that are both functional and creative as well as able to blend with the surroundings.

There are two paths depending on how comfortable you are with providing the necessary information that is needed to properly address your site conditions.

For example, some properties are simple level lots. Others sites such as hillsides, river lots, and mountain tops may require the service outlined below.

Opt 1: Location Design

Send our AIBD (American Institute of Building & Design)certified designer to your site. He will spend as much time as needed to establish the following.

A. Site & Evaluation

- Slope, View, Site Access, Lot Requirements & Utilities

B. Conceptual Design

Create a design that works with your property, budget, and your families needs and desires.

C. Preliminary Elevations

Establish exterior elevations that work with both the floor plan & budget.

D. Project Cost

Upon completion of the steps above our designer will be able to give you a close estimation of what your project will cost.

Opt. 2: In House Design

Our designers, working together with you, will modify an existing plan we have or create a new plan from rough sketches provided by you. Next, we will talk about your budget together with your ideas to generate a preliminary floor plan and elevations.

This process is one of the most rewarding experiences. Working back & forth with your designer establishing the very essence of your new dream home.

The Next Step:

Log Home Plan

Once the preliminary work is done the fun begins. Choosing windows & doors, roofing materials, exposed beam locations, types of stone and log stain colors, fireplaces etc. It may sound a little overwhelming but it’s really not. Our designers along with Dan, the owner of the company, will help to make the process go smoothly. We have been creating log homes for the past 27 years, and because of this, designing your new log home will be a memorable and enjoyable experience.

At this point you will have the option to view your floor plan in a 3D format for an additional charge. In 3D, design elements like log trusses, stairs and fireplaces can be easily visualized giving you a realistic look into the future of your new log home.

Log Home 3d

Finally construction drawings are given to the structural engineers to make the necessary calculation per your building department requirements. Every house is different according to snow, wind, & seismic conditions.

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