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Log Package Components

To minimize the confusion, we have provided a materials list to outline the products we include. We recommend that you buy all your building components from your local building supply to cut the cost of shipping and handling as well as breakage and theft on site. The one thing we recommend is to have your log package erected properly, and if you or local contractors are not up to that task, let us do it. Our crew will erect the log package effortlessly and in a timely manner, taking the worry out of constructing your new log castle.

Log Walls

The Log Walls:

Our standard log is a Double D log that is 10" wide and 8" tall. This log is hand peeled on 2 sides and planed flat on the top and bottom with saddle notched corners. This is by far our most popular and most recommended log style. For that reason, all the log package prices listed on our site are priced out for this style of log. With this log there is no settling and minimal shrinkage making this method of wall stacking superior to most all others. Each log has a placement tag attached for easy relocation on site. Logs come in plastic wrapped bundles for protection during transport. If you would like to upgrade to larger wood we can supply up to a 15" log wall package.

Log Gable Ends

Log Gable Ends:

Log gables are usually included unless the plan calls for another external finish such as shingles , or stucco. To be sure look at the log materials list with each home.

Loft Floor Logs

Loft Floor Beams:

These full round beams are used to support the loft floor and are included only in the log castles that have loft floors.

Ridge Beams

Log Ridge Beams:

Most of our homes are designed with 16" to 18" log ridge beams. Sometimes the length of the span or the snow load engineering requires a structural beam such as a Glu-Lam.

Log Purlins

Log Perlins and Rafters:

These round log components are visible in all vaulted areas and make up a portion of the roof structure.

Log Dormer


Dormers are usually board and batt, stucco, or another external finish. Real log dormers can be substituted for an additional fee.

Log Railing

Log Railing:

All Log Railing is hand peeled and has 5" top and bottom rails with 2 1/4" pickets. Railing is custom fit to each job as per plan. Only interior railing is provided due to the maintenance of exterior railing not covered by a roof structure.

Log Carport

Entry and Carport Pkgs:

These packages include log posts, log headers, log rafters or purlins, and ridge beams as per plan.



Emseal Log Home Tape is an expanding self-adhesive sealant, providing a weather tight seal and having excellent thermal and acoustic properties.



Insulation is used between the log corner notches to ensure a good weather tight seal.

Log Screws

Axe-Man Log Screws:

The Axe-Man Log Screw is an extra heavy duty threaded log home fastener designed specifically for log home construction with its additional thread design, over sized washer head and increased diameter.

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