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Fall Project

Location: Incline Village, NV

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Custom Whitmore II

Location: Roseburg, OR

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Custom Ashalee II

Location: Caddo, TX

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Custom Victoria II

Location: Olympia, WA

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Vista Fe

Location: Roseburg, OR

This is the new Log Castles show home that is under construction and available to show.

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Smith Project

Location: Chagrin Falls, OH

"This home is truly our dream home, but it is also the biggest financial investment we likely will ever make, so the fact that we could trust you impeccably throughout the entire project was paramount. You never disappointed us; on the contrary, you made the whole process enjoyable!" Read more here.

—David G. Smith, MD

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June Lake Project

Location: June Lake, CA

This beautiful home is the outcome of a custom design by the Log Castles Team.

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Decker Project

Location: Lakeview, OR

This home is under construction and available to show.

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Baker Castle

Floor Plan: Baker Castle

Location: Michiana Shores, Indiana

"Dan, you are a throwback to the good ole days when a man's word is his bond. I knew when I gave you a deposit that I was working with the right log company." Read more here.

—Mr. Warren Baker

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Bishopp Project

Location: Leesburg, VA

From top to bottom, this experience was an A+. Dan, Josh, Brian and crew exceeded my expectations to the nth degree and I would recommend Log Castles/Bet'r Bilt to any person in the market interested in a quality product by true craftsmen who not only care about making a living, but truly have your best interest in the forefront of their mind. Bravo! Read more here.

—Mr. Scott Bishopp

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Dorstone Project

Floor Plan: The Dorstone

Bet’r Bilt surpassed my every expectation and hope for building a truly beautiful and long lasting log home. Read more here.

—Daniel & Eva Melancon

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Forrester Project

Biltmor Project

Floor Plan: The Biltmor

Location: Shell Knob, MO

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Hart Project

Floor Plan: Biltmor II

Location: Glide, OR

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Huntington Project

Floor Plan: The Huntington

Location: Shell Knob, MO

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Addington Project

Floor Plan: The Dorstone

Location: Crystal Spring, Pennsylvania

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Nave Hilltop

Floor Plan: The Hilltop

Location: Clifton Forge, VA

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Noble Project

Floor Plan: The Dublin

Location: Pickens, South Carolina

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Gardner Project

Floor Plan: The Crickowell

Location: Eugene, Oregon

Thanks also for your design work; the views out the windows are great and make us eager to get up each morning. Read more here...

—Ed & Diane Gardner

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Weaver Project

Floor Plan: The Dorstone

Location: Winchester, VA

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Betr Bilt

Location: Roseburg, Oregon

Our Roseburg Office.

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Bokros Project

Sligh Project

Location: Union, South Carolina

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Crawford Restaurant and Bar

Derrick Project

Paul & Christine Evans

Floor Plan: The Wiston

Location: Snohomish, WA

Research is so important because there are so many companies offering so many options. Once we made our decision to build a log home and weighed out all of our options, it just made sense to choose Log Castles. Read more here.

—Paul & Christine Evans

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The Ashalee II

A beautiful 1,746 square foot log home. More...

Rosebriar Cottage

A 1,162 square foot cottage.More...

The Biltmor II

A unique 2,588 square foot log home.More...

1531 NE Vista Fe Ct.
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