Why Log Castles

Affordable Luxury

At Log Castles, we are not only the manufacturer of quality log homes but the builders also. Who better to work with than someone who knows the construction process from start to finish and has years of experience in making dreams become a reality?

Construction by our crews anywhere in the U.S.A.

At Log Castles we believe that nobody knows our package better than we do. So we will provide our top notch crew of experienced builders to erect the log package on your building site anywhere in the U.S.A.

We use dry, dead standing timber.

We use dead standing timber that has been killed in a forest fire. The moisture content of our logs is between 12-17 percent. Having such a low moisture content leads to far less problems with shrinkage.

No Settle Log Package.

When we combine the dead standing timber with our flat on flat log construction style we end up with a beautiful log home with no settling issues that will ensure the long lasting integrity of our log homes with no structural maintenance.

Larger, hand peeled wood.

Our standard log is a hand peeled 10” dead standing lodge pole pine log. All of the prices on this site are for a 10" log package. This log gives the home a much more massive look than the more common 6” and 8” logs of our competitors. We offer log wall sizes up to 15" in diameter and ridge beams up to 24" in diameter.

The technique of hand peeling the logs gives the home a look of being hand crafted. This is not done by a machine but rather a man, a draw knife, and one log at a time.

Log Home Interior

Our commitment to quality.

We are truly committed to the quality of our product and workmanship, and not the quantity of homes we can output per year. We strive to make our customers happy and in turn our satisfied customers help to better our company.

No Hassle Sales.

Our company has no sales reps. The owner handles all the calls directly, so you are sure to get your questions answered. If you would rather, you can send an email and Dan will call you.

Log Home 3d

Unique Designs.

All of our stock plans have an artistic flare and are uniquely designed with logs, stone, and lots of glass.


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